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7,000 Years of Iranian Glory, Art, Culture, Civilization

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616-Gold Sword Pommel; Decorated with three seated winged lions in repousse.
Gilan-Iran Seljuk 11th C.
620- Gold Ring; Boss decorated with relief of walking winged griffin before a vine; hand with inscription of three Naskhi lines
Iran- Seljuk 12th C.
618- Two gold earrings and a gold nose ring; One earring composed of three open-work gold beads and a slightly oval carnelian; the other of three gold filigree beads surrounding the set stone. now missing. The nose ring composed of three small gold balls and a pearl that slides along its wire.
Iran- Saljuk 12th C.

674- Long Necked, Blue Glass Bottle; Decorated with three threads on body, three on lower neck, and a spiral. In verted foot.
Iran Seljuk About 12th C. (1200)
684-Glass Bottle; The long neck is decorated with two black threads, joined by a zigzag of turquoise at the base of the neck and below the mouth. Below two handles with suspended rings runs a turquoise thread. The lip is rimmed in turquoise. Originally clear, this rose-water sprinkler is now a greenish-white color.
Gorgan-Iran 12th C.

655- Double Walled ewer with a reticulated  outer Wall; Black design under a turquoise glaze. The outer shell is in the form of guilloche pattern; the spout is attached to the inner vessel, so that the piece is functional. the word "baraka" is inscribed around the mouth. The base has the willow weed pattern typical of Kashan wares.
Iran, Seljuk early 13th C.

647- Deep Pottery Bowl; Divided into quadrants by a central cross motif. The painting under the transparent, colorless glaze consists of inscriptions, Birds, and formal designs partly of floral origin, in black and blue on white engobe. Kashan Style.
Iran Seljuk Early 13th C.
632- Pottery Pitcher; Red ware decorated with graffito designs in green and cream slip under yellowish transparent glaze. Foot unglazed.
Amol- Iran 11th C.

Iran, Iran, Oil, Iranian, History, Land, and People, Rebirth, incarnation, Persia, Persian Culture, Art, Aryan, History Land and People, Poetry, religion, Organizations and directories, Nothing but Iran, Iran, IranPetition, PetitionIran, Iranpetition.

Imperial Majesty's Message (Parsi)
Imperial Majesty's Message (English)
Honorary Patrons
Gold Bracelets
Head of a King
Silver Ibex & Red Goat
Pottery Jar
Eagle Flag 8th C. BC
Silver Vase, Turquoise Bottle
Pottery Bowl, White Marbel Figur
Conical Beaker, Pottery 4 Mil BC
Gold Bowl, Gold Ibex
Seated Bear, Bronze Female Figure
Gray Pottery Vase, Bronze Mace
Vessel of Gray-Black, Globular Pitcher
Rhyton of Brid-Red, Horseman
Bronze Mace, Bronze Ax
Bronze Belt Buckle, Nude Goddess
Bronze Bar, Bit, Bronze Bell
Bronze Ax,Gold Protoma
Gold Bracelet, Mountain Goat
Gold Bull, Silver openwork Dish
Silver Plate, Thick Glass Bowl
Fluted Bronze Ewer, Glazed Bowl
Boat-Shaped Glass, Blue Glass
Dark-Green Glass, Glass Bottle
Blue Pottery Elephant, Bronze Mortar
Gold Sword Pommel, Pottery Pitcher
Bronze Incense Burner, Agate Spoon
Portrait of a Bearded Official
Four Mother-of-Pearl, Gold Bowl
Kasra Arch (Taagh Kasra)
Cuneiform خط ميخی
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