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Empire of Cyrus - end of Sassanid
Wrongly European following Herodotus' short view called Iran Persia

This is Iran (Persia) map up to the end of Sassanid era

Iran [as area] is almost exactly 4 times larger than California...

Iran is ~ 2.5 times the size of Texas
(Texas is almost exactly the size of Afghanistan)

Iran is 3 times larger than France...

Iran is twice as big as Turkey [or Pakistan]...

Iran is ~ 7 times larger than the United Kingdom...

Iran is 4.5 times larger than Germany...

Iran is 5 times larger than Norway...

Iran is nearly 4 times larger than Iraq...

The United States is nearly 6 times larger than Iran...

Iran in area was from Gang River beyond Hindu-o-Kush Mountains, including most part of India whole part of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russian Azerbaijan, Armenia to Anatolia and North of Egypt, part of Somalia Ethiopia and Libya, divided in pieces (Thanks to British - History attests),

let's strongly hope that the status-quo size is maintained as it is.

Glory Days Teritory  

This is Iran's map today!

Iran History The Land and People

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