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The third millennium is on its way and will commence soon! During the past 100 years many countries of the world have changed their positions on a pyramid of wealth and influence. Some from underdeveloped to developed and some from developed to industrial superpowers. This last group is known as G8.

Most members of this group once were at the bottom of the pyramid. Some changed their position to the middle of the pyramid, such as Italy, and a few did not change their position like England or France. Russia moved down and the USA moved up to the top. During this period, Iran, which promisingly began with a constitutional revolution and progressed for about 50 years, seemed about to flourish, when suddenly found itself near the bottom of the pyramid.

About 100 years ago Haj Sayyah wrote in his journal:

"People wearing turbans are seen everywhere. Most occupy key positions and nobody seems to know who is intellectually qualified and who is simply illiterate. All have Ayatollah, Hojat-ol-Eslam, Sheikh or Mullah in front of their names. Their job is to do whatever they think is right which sometimes means killing people. They buy and sell Heaven and Hell.

No one has the guts to say anything to them. No one can tell them that they are lying. No one can say or do otherwise lest they be persecuted in the name of religion. They say you cannot criticize religion. If you defy, they accuse you of defying god and his prophet. No one can call them simply "priest". They must be addressed as Ayatollah or Hojatoleslam. They have their own vigilantes to force you to obey them.

People have a thick dust of gloom on their sad faces and shoulders. They are pale, skinny and wearing dirty clothes. Their faces are sad with down-turned mouths. Their eyes stare at the ground. It looks as if these people never knew about happiness or life. Nothing can be heard but crying and mourning. Nothing is left of Islam but praying, pilgrimage and following coffins! The real Islamic teaching has been abandoned. In this way Iran not only was unable to achieve what was possible to achieve, but also lost even whatever it already had."

During the first 1400 years of the past two millenniums, Iran was a super power. In fact for 200 years of the past 1400 years Iran was the sole super power with many contributions to science and culture. But in the second 1400 years (after Arabs conquest) Iran lost its glory and became part of Arab and Turkish kingdoms.

During the first 1400 years of Iran's history, no Iranian was killed by an Iranian to gain power. During the second 1400 years (to the present) many Iranians have betrayed Iranians, taken Iranian eye or life! More women and girls have been sold as slaves, more men have had to serve as servants.

At first Iranians felt insulted by what the Arabs had introduced. Out in public they had to pretend that they were Muslims, in private they followed their own religion (Zoroastrianism).

Anytime they found a good opportunity, they revolted and fought with the Arabs. We cannot deny the fact that Islam and/or the Arabs dominated Iran by force and with the edge of their swords.

The Arabs moved to North Africa, Spain and France. It was only in Poitier, France that their swords became blunt and they lost their power.

At no given time did the Arabs/Muslims bring equality or freedom to the defeated people, neither in Iran nor in other places. Such historical lies should not be believed.

One thing for sure was delivered, prejudice and hatred! The Arabs believed that they were beyond and above others, Iranians in particular. They said: "three things may nullify prayers: a Dog, a Donkey and an Iranian"

When the Arabs attacked Byzance (Eastern Rome), the people of Byzance accepted a second imported religion, following Judeo-Christianity. Their God did not change. It was no problem for them to change their Master, because their God remained the same.

At the time the Arabs conquered Iran, it was not a colony of some other Empire, but by itself, one of the biggest kingdoms. Iran had its own religion which was older than Judaism and Christianity. The Iranian language was Arian and had no relationship to Arabic.

Renan once said:  "Iran did accept Islam, but never was defeated by the Arabs or their poor culture. In a very short period of time Iranians gained their freedom from Arabs. 100 years after Mohammed (Prophet) nothing was left from his land and kingdom, which once stretched from Malaysia to Morocco!"

We cannot compare Iran to other countries in the region (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc.,) as they were introduced to variety of religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) Iranians on their part alone provided the world with Mithraism, Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism.

The Mithraism was the number one religion for 400 years within Roman Empire. We can find many archaeological proofs and documents, in Italy, Spain, France Germany, Austria, England and Romania. The Balkan Peninsula, North Africa and most parts of the Mediterranean countries once were influenced by Mithra protocols and regulations. Mithraism was defeated because Christians attacked it by sword!

During the last 1400 years Iranians did not understand what Islam preached, nor had the opportunity to taste the freedom promised by Mohammed. Ebn-e-Khaldoon, the historian, once wrote:                      "Most mathematicians, Physicians, Physicists, Astronomers, Philosophers, Historians, Geographer, Professors, Artists, Men of letters and Scholars were Iranian, not Arab. The Arabs were not interested in any of these fine techniques. Iranians always were interested in research, development and inventions."

In this regard we can name Ebn-e-Sina, Razi, Kharazmi, Ebn-e-Moghafae, Birooni, Molana, Ghazali, Badi-e-Zaman, Hafez, Khayam, Saadi and a hundred others.

A Pakistani Muslim living in USA (Zia-ed-din Sardar) in his book called "Future of Islam" wrote: "Islam does not need to be fed by modern science and technologies. It is the modern world that is in great need of the Koran and its teachings!" We should not forget that all the Koran's teachings are over 1400 years old and some are impossible to implement. Imagine a person fasting from dawn to dusk who is living in North Pole, in which the days are 2-3 months long!

For many of those who are Muslim, it is because their respective ancestors once had to say "La-Elaha-Elal-Lah" or be killed by Arab sword. My ancestors certainly never understood what the meaning of the phrase was. It certainly might not be meaningful to many of the readers of this page.

"It is because of love of you (God) that I face Mecca, (in my prayers) otherwise I hate praying and Mecca. - Molana Jalaleddin Rumi"

We should not forget that people who have experienced wars, defeats and tastes of ups-and-downs over the last 3000 years have each time gained more experience. Although they lost a lot of courage and have been destroyed by selfishness and force of certain cruel governments oppression, they  will however stand up due to their innate nobility and will rise again. Memoris of 1896 courtesy of a dear friend

What should be important for our youths and people to understand in the exploration of the third millennium is to increase their knowledge about our values, image and culture. They should realize that although the Charter of Rights provides everyone with essential Freedoms and Rights, Iran is one of those nations that has been spoiled by forceful teachings of Islam in the wrong direction. We are not minors, fools nor uneducated to need a guardian for our protection!

We all are committed to inform each other and our youths. We must let them have access to every publication, speech and belief. This will facilitate their access to the transition period into the third millennium with an open mind.

We all are responsible to inform our youths and the next generation about religion, history, politics, sociology and technology. This site can only list brief subjects of all.

The importance of availability of information for our people is that the more they are informed the better they will choose their way into the 3rd millennium. If I have accepted such a responsibility it is not because I feel competent, but I feel it to be my special duty.

The world acknowledges three religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These religions have more followers than other minor religions. In all three, the teachings almost follow the same route. But in the past, people have fought each other unaware that the opponent believes in a God similar to their own.

For over 200 years Christians killed many Muslims and the Muslims killed many Christians. They did not know much about Torah and/or Bible, nor did they know enough about Koran. As tradition dictates, our sons and daughters will believe in the same God that we worship. If Khomeini was born in Israel he would have been an Orthodox Jew fighting Palestinians.

We never studied our holy books (Old testament, Evangiles, Koran etc.,) in a manner to find how many contradictions are present in the body of these books. It is as if these books are talking in favor of the personal life of their respective authors!

In one verse God is very loving and caring; in some other verses he is very angry and has a satanic personality. He kills one of his own abstemious creation, his sons' sheeps, calves and camels and burn their homes!

When God realized that the tower, being constructed by Noah and his sons, was reaching its highest stage and may endanger God's kingdom, he sent one of his own angels to earth to establish a conflict between people. The conflict lasted forever, with the result that the people of that land dispersed. The city was called Babylon.

Although most holy books talk about the merciful and powerful personality of God, sometimes the verses are describing the life of His messengers and surprisingly talk about prophets' wishes!

The Christian Holy Book (Bible) and Muslims' Koran talk about wisdom, but the Torah, teaches and orders things that are in favor of Jews. If some acts are damaging to Jews, they are prohibited and if they are in their favor, they are strongly recommended. The Torah is very similar to a soap opera, which teaches terror, conspiracy and lies. The Koran teaches similar things but mixes the economy, politics and war (Jihad) with religious teachings.

Origin of religions

Most old books written in the periods 500 B.C. to 300 B.C. indicate that the territory occupied by the Jews was part of the Persian Empire. For this reason Zoroastrian and other Iranian religious influences can be found in that era. Persian (Iranian) kings and cities have a high importance in the Torah. "We Jews are God's creatures, but our God did not leave us alone, we live in the kingdom of the kind king of Pars" (Book of Azra 9-5).

The famous philosopher of Alexandria, Phylon, who was a Jew traveled to Palestine between 50-8 B.C. He was one of the most influential persons in his era.  Albert Schweitzer who was a church member as well as a philosopher, in his research about Jesus, wrote:   "in fact, that innocent Jesus, who rose to bring God's messages to us, established peace on earth, and who is said to have died on the cross, never existed. He was created by rationalism, by liberalism, and wore the clothing of mythological history until rhetoricians could govern church and people..." The Koran says: "a resembling man went on the cross, Jesus went into hiding"

Unlike the Bible, the date and origin of the Koran is known. In the Koran, God is not referred to in the third person; he talks to his created beings directly. We should not forget that today's Koran might not contain exactly the same verses that the prophet Mohammad heard from his god.

The Koran was written many years after the death of Mohammad. The first copy, called Mo-ss-h-eff, was not considered as an approved copy. Later many other verses were added to the Mo-ss-h-eff. When Ottoman came to power he decided to make one official copy of the Koran. He combined many other copies; verses that were remembered by people, friends and families of Prophet, and the other copies were destroyed. It is believed that Ottoman did not put the Koran together for God's sake but because he had political motives to have a written book as a source of reference.

We all believe in one God, but the text of the Testaments and Koran have testimonials that are not unified in teachings; there seems to be changeable rules and regulations of the merciful God from one book to the other!

At least a century prior to Jesus' birth, the Persian religion Mehr (Mithraism) was introduced to the people of the Roman Empire. For three centuries it was the official religion of Rome. Mithra influenced and covered most parts of today's Europe in a period of time. (Refer to Les Mysteres de Mithra- Bruxsseles 1899-1896). Mithra was God of light, justice, loyalty, friendship, fertility and victory.

In Roman Empire, Mithra was known as ((Fautori imperii sui = protector of Empire)), later called Sol invictus, unconquerable Sun. Worship of Mithra which started a century prior to Jesus lasted until the mid forth century in Europe, the Balkans and Roman Empire.

Mithra vastly influenced Christianity and many other religions. In the year 325, three centuries after Christ, the 25th day of December became the birthday for Jesus. This day was Mithra's birthday. On this day the sun starts rising earlier to make the days of the week longer until 21st day of March, when the length of days and nights are equal. Later the 25th of March, the Iranian New Year festivity, was established as Easter (Paques).

"Christianity was vastly influenced by previous religions. The early spiritual leaders were condemning Mithraism copying (stealing) Christian fundamentals. They were not aware that they had stolen many traditions from Mithra" Gustave Le Bon wrote in his book, La vie des Verites.

Iranian influences are not limited to Judaism and Christianity; Islam was vastly under the influence of the Iranian religious foundation. We can refer to a story developed in Koran, (Baghara 102), about two angles who go to earth; they see an extraordinarily beautiful women and get involved with her. God calls other angels to show how everybody gets involved with things that are forbidden. On their return the two angels were offered two choices - to be punished on earth or to be punished in the universe. They chose to be punished on earth. They were dropped to the bottom of a deep well in Babylon.

This story is a carbon copy of a Persian tale in which the name of angels are Haurvatat and Ameretat; these two names became the name of Iranian calendar months (Khordad & Amordad). Refer to Essai sur la mythologie de L'Avesta by J. Darmesteter.

The Aryan's beliefs and religious foundations well established the basics of Zoroastrianism, Mazdaism, Mithraism, Manichaeism and influenced Judaism, Christianism and Islam.

Nietzsche said once:

"Not to be an Idolater, it is not enough to break the Idol, you must relinquish Idolatrous behavior"

Shojaeddin Shafa on his own word: - (In Parsi)

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This page is made available by exclusive permission of Mr. Shojaeddin Shafa;
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