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7,000 Years of Iranian Glory, Art, Culture, Civilization

آنچه در سی و چند برگ پسين خواهيد ديد در يک دوره يکساله در موزه ها و گالری های نامی آمريکا به نمايش گذاشته شده بود, موزه و گالری هایی که آنها را نمايش داده اند اينهايند:

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City, Missouri
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
California Palace of The Legion of Honor, San Francisco, California
Los Angles County Museum of Art, Los Angles, California
as well as Smithsonian Institution


The opening of the exhibition, 7000 years of Iranian Art, at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., is a source of great pleasure to me.

During the more than one hundred years of Iranian-American relations, many a representative from Iran has come to the Unites States, but this exhibition is undoubtedly the best cultural ambassador we have ever sent to our North American Friend.

This messenger of culture, I am sure, will be instrumental in establishing spiritual understanding between our two nations and in bringing us closer together.

The exhibition is, of course, not the first showing of Iranian art in the United States,. Valuable collections of Iranian Art treasures are to be found in most major U.S. museums, and numerous exhibitions of our art have been held in such cities as Philadelphia in 1926 and 1939, New York in 1940, 1949 and 1960, and Cincinnati in 1954, as well as the 1960 showings in Washington and Baltimore.

However,7,000 YEARS of IRANIAN ART is unique because of the many rare historical objects that have been loaned by the government of Iran. i am also pleased by the loan of the Foroughi Collection.

Our Americans friends, as they acquaint themselves with Iran's ancient culture and civilization through this exhibition, will grasp the humanity and universality of Iran's culture, and will become aware that Iran has always provided a link b3etween the various cultures of the world.

It is my sincere hope that this great exhibition will so further the already existing intellectual understanding between our two countries that, with common aims, and with unity of purpose and ideals, we build a world in which the highest of man's spiritual and moral aspirations can find expression.

Mohammad Reza Pahlav

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Iran, Iran, Oil, Iranian, History, Land, and People, Rebirth, incarnation, Persia, Persian Culture, Art, Aryan, History Land and People, Poetry, religion, Organizations and directories, Nothing but Iran, Iran, IranPetition, PetitionIran, Iranpetition.

Imperial Majesty's Message (Parsi)
Imperial Majesty's Message (English)
Honorary Patrons
Gold Bracelets
Head of a King
Silver Ibex & Red Goat
Pottery Jar
Eagle Flag 8th C. BC
Silver Vase, Turquoise Bottle
Pottery Bowl, White Marbel Figur
Conical Beaker, Pottery 4 Mil BC
Gold Bowl, Gold Ibex
Seated Bear, Bronze Female Figure
Gray Pottery Vase, Bronze Mace
Vessel of Gray-Black, Globular Pitcher
Rhyton of Brid-Red, Horseman
Bronze Mace, Bronze Ax
Bronze Belt Buckle, Nude Goddess
Bronze Bar, Bit, Bronze Bell
Bronze Ax,Gold Protoma
Gold Bracelet, Mountain Goat
Gold Bull, Silver openwork Dish
Silver Plate, Thick Glass Bowl
Fluted Bronze Ewer, Glazed Bowl
Boat-Shaped Glass, Blue Glass
Dark-Green Glass, Glass Bottle
Blue Pottery Elephant, Bronze Mortar
Gold Sword Pommel, Pottery Pitcher
Bronze Incense Burner, Agate Spoon
Portrait of a Bearded Official
Four Mother-of-Pearl, Gold Bowl
Kasra Arch (Taagh Kasra)
Cuneiform خط ميخی
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