Emotional Moment  

Moments before His Majesty left the hall, Kambiz Yazdanpanah, the public relations director of the Imperial Court, rushed over to me and asked me if I could do the interview on the steps of the Royal Pavilion. Without preparation I went forward and requested permission to do the interview.

His Majesty nodded his approval.

My first question was addressed as follows: "Sir, at a time when dark clouds have returned to cover the skies of Iran and whilst the country is burning in a fire of unrest and anarchy, what is the reason for Your Majesty's trip?"

The Shahanshah answered me while gazing at the sky above, his face full of anguish for the future of the country. "I have already said that for some time I have been feeling tired and in need of rest and medical attention.

Now that the new government has received a vote of confidence I have chosen to go on a trip."

I asked how long he intended to be away? His Majesty replied that it all depended on the state of his health.

I asked about the itinerary of his trip. His Majesty said that he intended to go to Egypt because President Anwar Sadat had invited him and maybe later he would visit Morocco.

In regards to the vote of confidence His Majesty said he hoped the new government would prevail over difficulties and the nation would finds its calm again and for this he added, "We will need the help of true patriots in the complete sense of the word."

I then asked, "Does His Majesty have a message for the people of Iran?"

After a long sigh, His Majesty replied, "I have no other message than to appeal to everybody's sense of patriotism to preserve our country."

I taped this final message which is available in the international archives of major news organizations.
At the end of the interview I said: "All patriots await the return of the Shahanshah Aryamehr!"

For this very sentence I was arrested a few months into the revolution in Ahwaz by armed gangs.

After being transferred to Qasr prison I spent 6 months behind bars. In any case, as the Shahanshah placed his foot on the last step, I found myself overcome by emotion. I began to weep loudly.

The sound of my sobbing caused others in the royal entourage to weep. Even the King had tears in his eyes as he walked towards the aircraft.

Everyone present in the airport was upset. Mr. Rostam Amir Bakhtiar placed his hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me as did Her Majesty, the Shahbanou. Dr Javad and Dr Bakhtiar were also very sad as they followed the royal couple.

"I have no other message than to appeal to everybody's sense of patriotism to preserve our country."

"پيام ديگری ندارم جز آنکه از همه خواسته ام تا بالاترين اراده ميهن پرستی را در حفظ کشور بکار بندند."

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