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Important Discussion with Iranians(1)  December 30, 2002

Important Discussion with Iranians(2) January 10, 2003

Following is excerpts from a great compatriot's letter in reply to my lDecember 30,2002 dispatch about Constitution.

Parts that were personal being eliminated.

This is just first step to a democratic Constitution.

In my humble opinion we should have TWO (Yes 2) drafts drawn using various constitutions that are available to us. One to cover Democratic-Secular-Republic and one to cover Democratic-Secular-Monarchy; in case of Monarchy we should create "Right Of the Monarch" to protect replacement procedure for the deceased king/Queen.

Choice of fathers for Queen or King not necessarily is choice of children; therefore “Rich of The Monarch” can protect our children’s right to choose or remove the un-constitutionally behaving monarch.

I will be adding this debate to the Constitution  pages for the public’s review and debate.

The site is equipped with various Monarchy and Republic constitutions templates.

Let’s review them for making one Ultra Modern constitution that suit future modern Iran.

Also copy of this will be mailed to Dr. Shoja-edin Shafa’s attention. He is the greatest person to be involved. His thoughts are valuable and he is one of the most respected persons in our history.

Now read this patriot’s comment.

-----Original Message----- 

As you mentioned it a year ago, we MUST have a document before fighting Valayat Faghih. People must be put in front of a choice. If the majority of people feel they are more protected with the new document, they would join the struggle faster and more firmly. Of course, this is only a draft, and people must bring corrections to it in a freed Iran. But this is a wonderful news and I hope these gentlemen are not going to waste too much time.

I also wish S. Shafa was involved. We must also go to our own roots, along with ideas coming from other experiences. We must find a system that is made for us, and not a copy of another country and culture. The Tablets of Cyrus the great must be one of our sources. Then, we had many examples of "Democracy" in our history. Sassanides had their own with some good examples that could be used.

I believe the rights of a king must also be written as a document too, in case people choose a Monarchy.  For example, I am personally, in favor of a special council that has the function of checking on the king (or queen) and remove the king if he is not playing according to the rules or is not honoring the country. I am personally against the first son of the king being automatically the heir to the throne. This special council must chose the most capable of the family to succeed a king or a queen. Even Qajars had this rule!.... etc....etc....








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